Hysteria is the first lifestyle sock brand for modern, fashionconscious women. Brought to you by the fabulously creative minds behind Happy Socks, this unique new line seeks to transform the way women think about socks. When it comes to contemporary womenswear, socks have long been overlooked. With limited options and inspiration, women have been more likely to hide their socks than accentuate them.
While their wardrobes burst with color, their sock drawers are often plain and lacking in the same character. Hysteria provides women with a powerful accessory that compliments and elevates their personal style. With its close attention to design and detail, the new line invites women to add a simple yet interesting touch to their everyday look. What’s more, with a wide variety of qualities, fits, lengths and patterns, there’s a pair of Hysteria socks to compliment every woman’s wardrobe.
It wasn’t too long ago that women were called hysterical if they acted out of the ordinary. If they weren’t prim, proper and perfectly behaved they were unstable, and needed help.
We see women expressing themselves as a mark of strength, and we believe in their right to do so however they want! We are reclaiming the word as a positive thing; women shouldn’t be labelled for feeling how they want to feel, acting how they want to act, and dressing how they want to dress! Hysteria is a powerful word that represents this freedom.
On a more literal level, Hysteria is the next step from happiness, and as a brand that’s made spreading happiness our mission, it makes sense for us to go one step further.

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