The brand represents a fresh vision of streetwear, filling it with functional elements and technological details, which for KRAKATAU is not a tribute to fashion, but a conscious necessity. Planck epoch begins with the zero second of the existence of the
− 4 3 universe and lasts just 1 * 10 seconzds.
Nothing existed until this moment, there was not even time. All matter and energy of the entire visible universe, contained in an unimaginably hot, dense point equal the billionth the size of a nuclear particle, at this instant begin to expand.


Techwear brand KRAKATAU was established in 1999 in St. Petersburg. The skills perfectioning and experiments with technologies based on their own factory have formed the significant components of the brand for future years – the architectural approach in cuts, attention to details, daily perfectionism.
Subdued futuristic esthetics, Taking roots in the severe nordic climate, effortlessly matches any wardrobe. Slowly evolving and increasing its potential in a closed russian market, KRAKATAU accumulated kinetic energy, which gave a powerful kick off on the european scene.
The universe is still supersymmetric, its composition and density are uniform; there is no neither matter nor antimatter yet, and the four fundamental interactions – gravity, electromagnetism, strong and weak nuclear interactions – are still combined into one force …
These events are so far back in space-time that humanity has no means
to study them.

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