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Nudie began making jeans at the turn of the twenty-first century, back in 2001. Based in Gothenberg, Sweden, Maria Erixon started the brand with CEO Palle Stenberg after having previously held the Design Director position at Lee Europe. Tired of corporate culture and its short-sighted views on clothing, she decided to start Nudie with an ecologically friendly frame of mind.
The company made a vow to produce all of their jeans with 100% organic cotton and to manufacture those jeans in ethical production facilities. Aside from encouraging customers to wash their jeans less, the brand also offers free denim repair services, extending the life of a customer’s jeans even further. And, closing the gap in the consumption loop, they sell repaired secondhand garments, and recycle worn out products.
Nudie takes many steps to maintain transparency with their consumer, setting themselves apart from most other brands. Reticent and purposefully secretive about their production and materials, most clothing companies try to protect their brand from copycats and consumer watchdogs. Pay a visit to the Nudie website, however, and you’ll find their in-depth Production Guide.
And in it, you’ll find the provenance of their garments as well as the percentage of garments produced in each location. But that’s just the first page of their Production Guide. Dig further and you’ll also see the factories that produce the fabrics and hardware, their subcontractors, as well as information on their materials and transport and their audit procedures.

For many people,
nothing beats  
the smell of a new pair of
dry jeans 

The brand has swelled from its beginnings into a full-fledged clothing line offering everything from outerwear, to knits, underwear, and even furniture. Their signature jeans still remain, and anchor the brand, however, with their flagship styles including
the Thin Finn and Grim Tim.
A telltale way to spot a pair of Nudie’s is their bold arcuate. While it may be off-putting for some, it’s made their jeans immediately recognizable. All Nudie Jeans are constructed with: Organic Cotton, Reverse yoke, Diagonal back pocket bartacks, Vegetable tanned leather patch.
Non toxic denim
We still follow the same agenda as we had from the beginning; producing our garments in the most sustainable and fair way as possible. And back then, exactly as today, it all started with a pair of drys.
It all starts with a pair of drys
When you wear a pair of drys well and long, some magic will come your way.
Free repairs for life
Every pair of Nudie Jeans comes with a promise of free repairs. No matter when or where you got them.
A crisp, new pair of pre-washed jeans – we all love that authentic worn look. And if you are willing to redefine just one word, you can get that exact outfit with zero environmental footprint.
Mend the gap
Every day, all year round our store staff mend worn-in jeans. But the gap is bigger than on a pair of well-used jeans.

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